Monday, January 21, 2008

today i am feeling a bit tired and shitty, but not badly. i think i need to go to the movies, or maybe just watch a movie at home.
i really wanna show you guys some of the pictures of our new place, but i have some trouble figuring out how to.. iøll return later with pictures + more blogging!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

sorry for not posting anything in december. we've been really busy, moving to a new apartment (big and beautiful!), and spending christmas amongst family and friends. it's been a pretty busy christmas and new year, but in a really positive way!

i've also started therapy, and it seems to work out pretty great (meaning: i haven't had any desires to try and run away yet!), and i am feeling positive that this is the time that i stick to it.

but to much more important stuff:
i have a great, awesome, fantastic and fucking huge new kitchen, and it is the best place in the whole world. the past month have been all about making cookies, cupcakes, jam, delicious dinners and some pretty great experimenting. it has a dishwasher, and that's a pretty great thing to have, if you're like me and love to make a mess, but hate the cleaning involved. haha.
i will be sure to post pictures of both food porn, apartment porn, and whatever i feel like, as soon as we get a stable internet connection. right now we're using the boy's phone as a modem, which sucks cause:
1) he brings his phone to work
2) it pretty much hates me, and keeps logging off and acting like a crazy person
3) it is not the fastest internet in the world.. i want my 20 mbits!

i promise to try to be a better blogger!