Wednesday, May 28, 2008

carrie´s apartment

so, we've been moving around quite a bit - and since i love decorating new places, i usually have a lot of fun. the internet is a great source, so is interior design magazines and my terence conran books.
i am a big fan of sites like design*sponge & apartment therapy.
but somehow i always end up on the tour of carrie's apartment. i don't know what it is exactly - i'm not a big fan of dark wooden furniture or long curtains or carpets. but i just really like the perfect balance of masculinity and femininity, the way the apartment looks "lived in". i am european by all means when it comes to interior design, but still.. there's something magical about carrie's place.
i don't know exactly what the magic is, but i'm trying to figure out, so i can bring a little of it to our new apartment. it is now we have all of the possibilities, since we're building the inside from scratch - the waterpipes, the electricity, the floors, the walls, the bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, livingroom - so this time we're gonna go all of the way, and make it OUR place - cause it's gonna be exactly that. there is definitely something calming about not having to worry about having to move again for a lot of years - we can live there forever if we want.
so right now our current place is filled with interior design magazines, kitchen catalogs, books, pictures, drawings - and even though it can be stressfull, it's a hell of a lot of fun!

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