Monday, March 23, 2009

I'm baaaack!

okay, so i know that i am a terrible blogger. stop making me feel so guilty! uhm, yeah..

so what have I been up to? well.. i've been having ppk'ers over for a Copenhagen meetup, the lovely jojo,melisser and her man-in-crime, ryan. the weather sucked, but we made the best of it, by wandering around the city, eating waaay too much sugar and croissants, other stuff. i'll leave it up to melisser to make the awesome blog post about it, because i was too busy having fun to take pictures for y'all.

i can't exactly say that i have been cooking tons of tasty vegan food, winterdepression took over my head, and i've been dead lazy and sick and tired of cooking, but the sun peeped out this week, and suddenly i have energy, so i predict a comeback!

if there is any sun tomorrow, i'll hopefully have time to blog about the sushi i am making for lunch tomorrow (you know, natural lightening in pics, or just don't bother), but no matter what i promist i will try to be a better blogger! that way, i can show off my awesome new dishes, and have an excuse to buy more. i always need excuses to buy more dishes.

i'll end this post by posting a single food porn of my latest obsession; raw brownies.

recipe - make them!


Sarah said...

i ate 1/4 of a recipe today alone! :D

ditte said...

i have been known to eat 1/2 a recipe. it's so good!