Friday, January 8, 2010

because miss appifanie told me to..


okay, i am a terrible blogger. i might not even blog enough, to actually call myself a blogger at all. but hey, at least i ppk a lot!

and the food porning ain't doing so good either. since the last time i blogged, i've been cooking lotsa awesome stuff, but not taken any pictures, except in very very rare cases.

i did, however, go to Vienna, for a ppk meetup of epic proportions! i have a ton of pictures i need to upload, because that was one hell of an awesome trip.

in the past many months, i've been in therapy for my eating disorder, and it's resulted in my interest in cooking going down like crazy. but i still eat (duh!), mainly a bunch of smoothies, raw desserts, trail mix, raw milkshakes, salads, soups and sandwiches.. but i pinky promise i will be better at photographing it, and uploading it here! winter is upon us, and it's not exactly the most inspiring time, when it comes to healthy eating, so maybe i can inspire a few of you guys with some of my healthy eats.

anyway, enough about healthy eats, i'm going to post what i HAVE taken pictures of.. including two wedding cakes!

made this for a friend of a friend's wedding - it's a lemon cake, with lemon buttercream, and marzipan stars. it was really yummy!

mini cupcakes, for the same occasion.

i made this cake for my friends birthday. it was amazing! it was a vanilla cake, with passion fruit buttercream (OMG!) and lemon buttercream, and tons of fresh blueberries. i think i had 4 pieces, and they were HUGE.

cupcakes, also for my friends birthday. they were the low fat deep chocolate bundt cake recipe from VCON, made into cupcakes, and decorated with chocolate mousse and peanutbuttercream.

and on to the food..

tofu egg salad! this stuff is pretty much my favourite, when i need something healthy, quick and protein-filled. it's my favourite plain tofu, cut in tiny cubes, and mixed with a bit of soy yogurt, black salt, salt, pepper and curry.

super yummy chili sin carne. whenever i make chili, i make a HUGE portion, and freeze a bunch, for those lazy days. god, i have too many lazy days!

i think that was all for now.. i bet i have some more pics on the other computer, but they will have to wait.

hope you all are enjoying the snow! i know i am. just remember to dress for the cold, so you won't get sick!

happy now, miss appifanie?



Sarah said...

almost!! :D

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