Sunday, November 23, 2008

Berlin and Malmö PPK meetups. No pics cause i am lazy today.

Most of you probably know that i am active on the ppk, a vegan message board located at - i guess i might be a bit addicted. there are a lot of really cool people at the ppk (a lot of them have really amazing blogs aswell!).

there are a lot of meetups going on with ppkers, but since most people on the board are from the states, i have never had the possibility to go to one, until the great Bazu of the Where's the Revolution-blog and Mihl of the Seitan is my Motor-blog decided to do a meetup in Berlin. and then i was sold.
so i went to Berlin to meet up with a bunch of people, and share a room at the very cheap and nice Hotel Die Fabrik located in Kreutzberg. i shared a room with Jojo, Bazu and Daiku, and we met up with Mihl and Veg_eric for a day of eating nice vegan stuff.

this trip was awesome! everyone was nicer than i thought possible with a bunch of internet strangers. we had a so much fun, and everyone seemed to really get along. i am hoping to be able to hang out with all of these awesome people again sometime.

Bazu went back to Copenhagen to me, but got sick, so she spend the first day on my couch, sleeping. she joined me at work, cooking awesome vegan food for the people, and then we decided to go to Malmö the next day. and since she is a genius, she decided that we should invite Emmie from the Vegbitch-blog and her fiance Lokar from the ppk. so we met up with them on the Malmö Central station, and walked around the city a bit. we visited Atrid och aporna, that i mentioned in my last post, and Vegegården, also mentioned in my last post. it was awesome, and it started to snow (to be honest, it was very cold and i got wet feet, but it looked cool!), and we had and amazing Mocha Soy Latte and chocolate truffles, and talked about stuff and enjoyed the day.

pics will be up as soon as i am not too lazy to post them, but if you are excited and can't wait to see them, i posted the Berlin photos here and the Malmö pics here.

On a whole other note, i have been eating waaaay too much sugar and generally unhealthy stuff in the past weeks, and am proud to announce that i have not been eating refined sugar all day. and i did a yoga routine this evening. i am seriously considering to get some running equipment (ie. winter running clothes and running shoes), and start running again. i have been a lazy slack-off in the past couple of months, and i want to be healthy again. i am going to need my energy to survive the winter! thank god i am still biking every once in a while, and like to walk around, or i'd be sleeping all of the time from a lack of energy. wish me luck!

until i post again


Mihl said...

I was really nice to meet you! I enjoyed the timein Berlin so much.

bazu said...

I miss you so much! When can we have tea or coffee together again...? xo

ditte said...

as soon as i get a real job, and can afford coming to the US of A. then we can have a road trip to Portland in your Honda Civic. and visit sarahbean!

ditte said...

@mihl: we should hang out soon again. i really enjoyed your company! and germany isn't THAT far away. at all.