Saturday, October 18, 2008

I'm going to Berlin!

yes, that's right! i am going to Berlin to meet up with a bunch of lovely ppk'ers!, including Bazu from Where's the Revolution! i think we're gonna have so much fun! i haven't been to Berlin since i was a child, and i have heard so many good things about the city, so i am excited to go and explore. we are going to hang out at vegan restaurants eating bunches of great food, and i am planning on going shopping for vegan foodstuffs you can't get here, and clothes. so, yeah, it will be pretty amazing.
also, Melisser of The Urban Housewife called in a favor, and is fixing us up with vegan cupcakes. thanks, melisser!
After hanging out it Berlin for a couple of days or 4, Bazu is coming back to Copenhagen to stay at my place, and check out the city. we are probably going to Malmö aswell, to eat at VegegÄrden, an everything-is-deep-fried chinese restaurant, and Astrid och Aporna (astrid and the monkeys), a vegetarian supermarket with loads of vegan stuff.
all of this is going down in late november. i can't wait!


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Emmeline said...

that is incredibly exciting!!!
(this is boober from the ppk btw)