Sunday, April 12, 2009

i have tons of stuff to update and no time to do it!

i have so much stuff to blog about - we've been having spring break here, and the boy und ich have had so much fun. some of it including vegan food (okay, most of it including vegan food), and i have even taken a ton of pictures. somehow, flickr won't work with me, but as soon as i get it to upload my pictures so i can porn my foods on the ppk, and i have time, i will update.

-malmö interior design stores and eateries.
-a recipe for a vegan tuna burger made from tempeh! yumz
-me rambling about birthday plans (i turn 20 on the 19th!)
and possibly other nice stuff aswell.

until then, i will encourage you to go visit the urban housewife for her post about copenhagen and malmö (and the lovely berlin!), and where's the revolution for her post about the very same cities!

much love to you all, and i hope you spend as much time out in the sun as possible! if not, then you should.


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