Wednesday, April 2, 2008

exciting news!

i just got a job! well, actually i got the job ten days ago, but i am lazy, and bad at updating my blog.
i'm gonna cook at a vegetarian 80% organic restaurant! it's pretty awesome, and i feel pretty fucking great about it.
i've been there three times, in practice, and needs a couple of more practice days, but sometime next week, i will be there alone.
it's so cool!
and just as fucking awesome is this:
apparantly we're getting a new ungdomshus.
i really really want this to work out, but i also really don't trust the politicians. as one of my friends said; "i believe this, when i'm drinking my first beer there". i think that's a clever approach.
on a totally different note, my friend who is pregnant, is gonna give birth within the next week or so. i am really looking forward to meeting the baby! i can't believe the past nine months went this fast, it's crazy!
so much new, big, amazing stuff is going on right now, i can't even keep a track of it all.

i think the only proper way of celebrating all of this, is with some food porn:

sushi and seitan roulade with mustard sauce and potatoes. definitely celebration food! (actually, it's just lunch and dinner, but let's pretend i had a big dinner party, okay?).

i've spend today cleaning the kitchen, the bedroom and the dining room/office, and it feels great.
life is actually really fucking good right now.

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