Thursday, April 3, 2008

Fuck For Forest

just to clarify; i am against the porn industry, as it works now. i have nothing against porn movies, i have something against the sexualisation of women, the degration of sexuality as something you can buy if you have enough money, the standards of how the women in these films have to look. you know what? most of us aren't blondes, with huge tits, flatbellys and tight skin everywhere. and most of us actually like to have some kind of control over how to have sex. you know, we have our favourite positions aswell. we also don't get turned on by people calling us bitch, and we don't feel like repeating how big your cock is ten times. some people ARE blonde, skinny, like to be controlled, and like to be called bitch, but my bet is that it's one in a thousand or so.
to me, the porn industry stands for something that is traded for money. and with that exchange, something happens; the people with the money is the people in control. when you're broke, hungry, can't get a job, then it's the easy way out. except, for a lot of people it's really not.
i have full respect for anyone who is doing porn and likes it, but i really don't think that it in any way cancels out how many people get wierd about their own sexuality after being in the porn industry. this is something that makes me angry at the porn industry; i want all of the people involved to be happy! but when it's about cool cash, something happens to people, they get selfish and stop caring.
that is not okay.
ok, i could rant about this forever and ever, and if you're interested in reading more on the subject, i suggest you use google or another search engine. tons of stuff has been written about this, some of it is bullshit, a lot of it is really cool and intelligent.

but back to the subject; i just discovered this awesome project. it's called Fuck For Forest. it's a non profit website, based on activism. it's cool, cause the website has two main issues they adress; sexuality and environmental concerns. it's; take back your sexuality and save the earth. i like that.
if you want to read more about the project, go to what the flower is Fuck For Forest?

now that's what i'm talking about! people having sex, cause they enjoy it, and then videotape it. i don't mind that at all. i don't care what other people do, as long as they are okay with it themselves, and harm no one. i think sex is an awesome thing, i just get so mad when i see an industry exploring people's sexuality, and make it something bad. sex is not bad, it's good! but for sex to be good, it has to be for your own pleasure, and it's usually not the case, when money is involved.

so anyone up for it; go support this website if you're into making porn, or watching porn, and boycut the mainstream porn industry.
let everyone know that you don't think it's cool, when people get explored because of their social or economical situations, gender, color, race, nationality, personality or whatever.
let everyone know why the porn industry sucks.
free your sexuality, and give other people the possibility to free theirs.
and save the forests!

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