Sunday, April 6, 2008

reason no. 12893054 that i love my boyfriend

when i woke up, i was alone. i thought it was kind of wierd, since it's sunday and all, but since we live kind of in the middle of everything, it wasn't all that strange.
i just sat around in a tanktop and my undies, and ate some soy yoghurt with banana pieces in it and enjoyed life, when the doorbell rang. i foolishly assumed that it was my boyfriend returning, but no, it was some young dude collecting money for some sort of charity. i just got so baffled that i hadn't checked before i opened the door, that i just looked a bit wierd, and gave him some cash.
poor guy. early sunday, me looking like crap in almost no clothes, and just starring at him like he was a ghost. haha.

later on my boyfriend returned from his trip, and i was totally happy to see him.
i got even more happy when he said "i've got something for you!" and gave me this:

how awesome is this? and two weeks before my birthday. i'm gonna spend a lot of time on making the perfect cake in it, so i can make castle cake for my birthday.

i also got some delicious fresh raw almonds, from the boy's parents:

the boyfriend is having company over for a movie, and i'm cooking, cause that's definitely my favourite way of spending sundays.

i haven't smoked in two days (yesterday i was so hungover that i couldn't get out of bed, today i just decided that i need to not smoke, if it's possible). the Kate Nash concert was pretty awesome, and afterwards we went to this electronica/house/whatever place called basement, and it was pretty cool. i just remember a basement with a lot of smoke and dancing. god i was drunk.


Anonymous said...

Raw almonds are the bomb!! I have an almond tree in Italy and I always get excited when it's time to eat them. =)

melanie eight said...

wow, a castle cake?? please make one and post a picture :)