Monday, November 26, 2007

making baby stuff

i decided that i have too much stuff. i need to figure out what i actually need, and what i have cause i'm a collector of everything. and i have plenty of it.
so i went through my books, and found about 20 that i don't really like. and i went through my clothes and i had SO much that i know i will never wear again. so i thought to myself, that i should do something with it. a lot of it is not something that anyone will love, a lot of stuff i've redesigned or made smaller, and i don't think anyone would like to get it. but it's a shame, it's a whole lotta cotton. and i have a very good friend who is 5 months pregnant. this could easily be combined into something very very cool. like, baby clothes! and bibs! so this is my new project. i will make something tomorrow i think, and then i'll just try my way through it. thank the it-geeks for the internet.

also, we just watched the very last episode of "Alias". it is the coolest tv show ever, and i feel kind of sad that i am never gonna see sydney bristow do her thing again, and sad that sark is never gonna look hot and evil again, and sad that i am not gonna feel the rush of the whole show again. i will of course watch it over and over, but it is never the same.
at least it's been a while since i saw sex and the city the last time!

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