Monday, November 19, 2007

Woohoo! A brand new blog!

ok. so those of you who know me, know that uhm, i used to have this other blog, but uhm, i kind of forgot the password, and which email adress i used to login. so it is now officially dead. haha.

so i though this is the perfect time to start a brand new blog, with a brand-spankin'-new design and other goodies too. like, me being more grown up. and having more things to share here. and my own digitalcamera! so now the food porn and the recipes and the good stories and whatnot will be posted more regularly than ever. also, i've been a couple of months in school to learn a bit about webdesign and i hope that in some way this place will show a bit more sophistication and be better all over.

some of you might also know that i've been dealing with some crazy shit lately, and i want this place to be my safe-place. this means that i will probably not answer comments about how lame me and my (vegan) lifestyle is, or other bullshit. i have no need to argue with anyone online, i am gonna use this place to share the things that are important in my life.
but then again, maybe i will answer.

so i think you can consider this an online diary with food porn, recipes, pictures etc. included. i am not sure anyone will read this, and i have absolutely NO intentions of sharing this safe-place with anyone i know in real life. i like to share a lot more with my online communities than i would with most of the people i know.

some of the things i will be blogging about will be personal issues, that i am having a hard time with right now. but i am dealing with it, and my closest friends and family knows about it. i am not alone with this, even if i sometime expresses myself like i am all alone. i am not. i have some of the best friends and family there is out there.
at the moment i am not really doing anything, i only work thursdays, and i spend waaay too much time on the internet. but it is ok for now.

i hope you will enjoy the reading!

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