Tuesday, November 20, 2007

we're going to london soon!

i've been thinking about going somewhere in december. to get away from my everyday routine, and to experience something new and positive. i was thinking about going to france, i have some friends there, but we've already been in france twice the past year. and i can't really deal with foreign languages at the moment. i don't really have the patience to get lost or try to translate the word "vegan" to someone working at a french bistro. no thanks.
i want a place where i can communiate with people, where i don't get lost, where i can get vegan food; london!
so talked to the boy, he was interested, within the hour we had found a hotel and we're buying the plane tickets tomorrow.
i am exited! i like london! london is pretty, it has plenty of museums (boy likes art), and a shitload of gorgeous vegan restaurants! and the hotel is nice, and we can do our christmas shopping there (no need to worry about that before, then). oh, and i will GET AWAY FROM THIS SHITTY COUNTRY! don't get me wrong. i love copenhagen. i just need a small trip away to be able to feel that lovin' feeling again.
so i have a list of things i need to do:
1) go to restaurants
2) shop
3) relax and hang out with the boy and enjoy king-sized bed
4) walk around and feel totally in love

i hope to be able to meet a few of my friends from the ppk there, but i'm not exactly sure we'll have the time. i'll figure out later. but it would be pretty fucking awesome.

ps. i wonder if this is the reboost i need to live through christmas?

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Melisser; the Urban Housewife said...

Go to London in March! I think I'll be there then. :)
I'm also going to travel around Europe a bit, but I'm not sure where as I need to find cheap lodging or couches to surf on to & things to do!