Friday, November 23, 2007

shopaholic, me? -no.

jesus-motherfucking-christ. i have been shopping waaaaaay too much this month. it is bad. but at least i'm well dressed. oh, and because we're going to london, i just HAD to get myself a weekend-bag, black fake-leather, and very stylish and perfectly casual but still dressy. yes sir. oh, and a pair of j. lindeberg jeans. and a pair of nice green-and-white high-top shoes. and a pink babydoll dress. and a short grey cardigan. and another pair of jeans. and a new wintercoat. ( i still love my big purpleish winterjacket, and my black trenchcoat, and my black oversized organic cotton coat, but..). oh, and my friend offered to book an appointment with her hairdresser for me and her to go together, my hair needs a decent cut. and i should also dye it before we go, it is starting to show the brown..

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