Sunday, October 12, 2008

fuck you, autumn-weather

hey peeps.
i'm still sick, and i blame the autumn. this would have never happened in the summer. i actually lost my voice completely, and have been spending the past few days in my pj's, not leaving the apartment. at. all. fuck you autumn. i actually really like you, and then you do this to me! i thought you would be nice and cozy, and pretty. not make me sick! i've even been wearing warm boots and my winter jacket!

this of course means that i haven't exactly been into cooking. actually, quite the opposite. i have been living off fruit, soy yoghurt, crackers and soup. luckily, my boyfriend can manage to cook up a soup once in a while, so it hasn't all been crappy pre-packaged foods.
two days ago, one of my friends dropped by with a bunch of organic veggies; two huge artichokes, a white pumpkin and something else (i don't remember what it was and i am too lazy to leave to couch to check), so yesterdaythe boy steamed the artichokes and made a pumpkin soupl. unfortunately i didn't feel like eating the soup at all, but i had artichokes!
this morning he made me a big fruit salad, and has just finished a bowl of oatmeal. not bad at all. and while i feel sorry for myself and get spoiled by the boyfriend, i hope to be feeling better by tomorrow.

so no VeganMoFo today. probably not in the next couple of days either.. i will just relax and not stress too much about anything.


p.s. if you ever get a wierd craving for a movie called "Twitches".. don't give into it. it is so bad.

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