Friday, October 17, 2008

VeganMoFo - danish food.

I cooked something 100% danish today. i rarely do that. it's called "stuvet spinat", which can be translated into spinach gravy, served over mashed potatoes and some brussels sprouts and black beans. it was delish! and i can proudly say that today i got my greens!

and i found this really nice bottle of white truffle oil today. i love white truffle oil! i will have to cook something with it when the boy isn't home, though, he can't stand the smell of it. i guess it's my own fault, for trying to feed him somthing with truffle oil, while he was really sick, some time ago. poor boy.

on another note, i had my mom and sister over for a visit today. i rarely see my family, partially cause they live far away and i am lazy, partially because i have so much stuff going on in my life at the moment, that just leaving the city for a day, isn't really going to happen. when i have a whole day off, i usually opt. to sit in my pj's all day, eating icecream and watching movies, enjoying my own company.
so i am a bad daughter. but who cares?
it was really nice seeing them. i always like to hang out with my sister, because 13 year old girls are awesome, and i am in a very superficial state of mind at the moment, so we have a lot in common. + you know, i wouldn't want to miss out on following her while she is growing up. i had her up for a visit in the summer, where she just stayed at my place, and we had fun shopping, eating shitloads of berries, and watching mary-kate and ashley movies. the movies is really what should earn me the best sister of the year-award, cause damn, i could have spend those 1,5 hours on something a little more interesting than watching a movie about the twins traveling around the world because they need to be undercover, and ending up in Australia, where they meet the cute surf guys. but she had fun, i enjoyed her having fun and all was good.
and i always enjoy my mom's company. she is a really great mom, and i love her so much. she always have advise for all of my crazy problems, and she cares so much about me. it is really great, just spending a day drinking coffee and talking with her. we just places my sister on the couch with SATC the Movie, and a fashion magazine, and then she entertained herself for a couple of hours.
what i really enjoy about my mom's company is that i can feel her growing as a person all the time. she is not one of those moms who are always the same. she always looks for new things to try, and is interested in my point of view. but at the same time, she maintain this calmness about everything. and she is intelligent. i guess i can just hope for them all to see the light, and move closer to copenhagen. i would really enjoy being able to go and hang out at my mom's place, or just dropping by for a cup of coffee. but i guess that it won't happen any time soon. i can still dream about it, right?

after having my mom and sister over, A came home, bringing some of our stuff from the storage room, including tons of clothes. i am so happy to have my clothes back! i had forgotten how much fabulous stuff i have. tomorrow will be the first day i can choose whatever outfit i want, since the 1st of august. i am probably gonna spend 2 hours just dressing up in my own clothes, deciding what to wear. it is gonna be amazing.

i think i will go outside and grab a smoke, and then take a shower and head off to bed. it's already 12:48am.
much love,


sarchan said...

Visits from moms are the best.

Erica said...

I don't know much about danish food but the black beans surprise me for some reason. That looks really delish. I'd love to hear more about the creamed spinach!

And it really is the best to have an awesome day with mom.

ditte said...

the black beans was my addition to the meal - for protein! :)and i'll look into posting about the spinach!