Sunday, October 5, 2008

You know who i love? Blair Waldorf!

I am a big fan of the TV show Gossip Girl. i love it. usually i don't get very drawn into stuff like TV shows, but Gossip Girl hits the spot, right in that big empty hole that Sex and The City left.
What i needed was a storyline that kept my interest, gorgeous people and last, but certainly not least; fabulous clothes.

It is no secret that since i've started watching this show, i have used Blair as an inspiration, when it comes to my look. i love her ladylike, yet chic and fashionable look. but while Blair is the owner of a limitless credit card, i am not!
that's why i have picked out a couple of favourites that i want, or want to find vegan versions of:

This Topshop dress looks great, and has a really nice color. I need to find a version that isn't made from silk, though.

This is another Topshop dress. I am usually not into big bows, but this dress is simple enough for it to work. again, i want to find something similar, that is not silk.

Yet another Topshop winner. can you tell that i am a fan? what i love about this dress is that it is simple, yet still looks amazingly chic.

I would love to pair all three dresses with these leggins. they are simple enough to wear any day, yet gives any outfit an edge.

if you like Blair as much as i do, you should check out Chic and Charming's feature on Blair; & The Glam Guide's feature on Gossip Girl; . they are both very inspiring.

<3 Ditte

ps. because i am still sick, there will be no VeganMoFo post today. sorry folks!

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