Tuesday, October 14, 2008

VeganMoFo - the tale of the vegetarian tuna

you know when you are in a store far from where you live, and you see a product that is so wierd that you HAVE to buy at least three of them, without tasting? i do this all the time. usually it goes pretty well, but sometimes it goes terribly wrong.
like when we were in sweden, and went to this amazing store called Astid och Aporna, which is a health food store with all sorts of amazing and weird things, loads of vegan candy, loads of soy stuff, fake meats, including vegan crab meat, lobster, chicken, beef and tuna! and since the boy have been talking about how he misses tuna sometimes, i thought "let's buy a load of these!". so we grabbed three huge "tunasteaks", looking like this:

i should have KNOWN. i should have just bought one, and then bought some of the fake chicken that we ate at a restaurant 30 mins earlier that i actually LIKED. i should not have spend $30 on three fake tuna steaks. i never liked tuna! what was i thinking?
so we went back to the house we were staying in, and i decided to fry it up to use on a piece of bread. it wasn't exactly good. but it was edible! i just had a single piece of bread witht he fake tuna, and left the rest to the boy.

then yesterday i decided that i wanted to give it another try. so i marinated it in a vegetarian stir fry sauce with a bit of lime in it (the marinade was delicious, btw), added the tuna, let it sit on the countertop for a while, and then i fried it up. it was the most vile thing i've ever had. it was horrible. i couldn't even eat a tiny piece. the taste of the fake tuna overwhelmed the marinade, and it was literally pukeworthy. i had a very hard time keeping the tiny piece i had eaten, inside of me.

i hate this product. it is the worst thing i've ever had.
and the really wierd part? on the package it says vegetarian tuna with big letters, and then it says in german "veg. lambsmeat".
i gave the last package to a friend, but warned her about it being really bad. i just couldn't let it sit in the fridge next to my delicious organic veggies, and the vegan cream cheese that actually deserves my love and attention.

on a more positive note, fatfreevegan's Fingerlin Potatoes braised with Smoked Paprika is delicious!



Cody said...

I've never had a "tuna steak"... just cheap canned stuff. I don't think I'll ever try faux tuna... but, I'd really like to try a tuna-esque tofu salad sandwich.

I don't really miss tuna that much, but I do miss quick cols sammiches like tuna and egg salad.

veganfoodism said...

you know what's strange? lammfleisch means lamb meat. i am confused!

melanie eight

Ditte said...

i know! it is so odd. and gross!