Saturday, October 4, 2008

VeganMoFo - about sushi

sushi is amazing. if you don't like sushi, you are crazy to me. it's that good.
i've had my fair share of sushi. i like buying it, making it, looking at it, and most of all eating it.
it can be a super fast lunch, a healthy fast food choice, a dinner extraordinare and even a project amongst friends!

i have had weeks where sushi has been my main food source. i love it.

so imagine how thrilled i was, finding out that a new sushi restaurant had it's grand opening yesterday. not just a regular sushi restaurant, but one with a vegan menu! i went there last night, but they were fully booked with orders. so today, while feeling a bit sick, i asked my boyfriend to call in an order. this is what we got:

umeboshi with fresh mint roll
go vegan roll: mango, umeboshi, enoki, cucumber
shiitake roll: teriyaki marinated shiitake, carrot, salad, avocado and sesame
tofu n nuts roll: smoked tofu, marinated shiso, cashews, avocado, cucumber
gobo roll: yamagobo, avocado, macademia, cucumber and sesame
crispy radish roll; tempura radishes, cucumber, macadamia and avocado
+ some edamame, chili mayo and seaweed salad.

damn, it was GOOD. we got most of them with brown rice, and it was surprisingly delicious. iøve never had brown rice sushi before, but i was pleased. it is definitely not the same as with white rice, but it was good.
the place we got it from is called Sushi by Us and is located at; Nørrebrogade 153, 2200 KBH N. drop by if you're ever in the city. sushi aint cheap in Denmark, but it is worth it!

this was a quick lunch, made from leftover sushi rice and delicious filling, made sometime last summer:

now, go make eat some sushi!

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julie said...

Hi! Reading your blog made me extra hungry for some sushi! Here, in Örnsköldsvik Sweden, we have only one restaurant that serves sushi. Not only that, they only serve it on Fridays! So, my friend and I have decided to get together this week to make some yummy vegan sushi. :D My question is, how does mango taste in sushi?? I've never tried that before, and I have to say it sounds a little strange. Anyway, I really enjoy your blog!