Wednesday, October 15, 2008

VeganMoFo - Pasta Della California

I've been planning my menues for this week, cause we've gotten into this bad habit of buying random veggies that end up back in the fridge, only to be found 3 weeks later, half rotten. and we haven't really been buying veggies for a while, except from when i got into a sudden "I WANT TO COOK RIGHT NOW, LET'S GO TO THE GREENGROCER NOW NOW NOW" crazy-state. to be honest, i've been really lazy about food for some time, but decided that this has to end. no more take away food. no more bread with vegan cream cheese or jam. no more pasta with esme's Special Sauce.

this was my planned menu:
monday: Fingerling Potatoes braised with Smoked Paprika, marinated vegetarian tuna and a warm salad made from asparagus, green beans and carrots.
tueday: noodles with sesame seeds, asparagus and tofu.
wednesday: probably eating at Wagamama (japanese restaurant)
thursday: potato/spinach/chickpea curry and rice
friday: Pasta Della California
saturday: mac'n'cheese with tomato salad and green bean salad with salted almonds
sunday: leftovers!

but since we decided to go to wagamama friday or saturday instead, i decided to make the Pasta Della California today. and i am so glad i did!
damn, this dish is so easy, yet tasty. it is pretty high fat, but what the hell. i used whole wheat spaghetti instead of linguine, because i am cutting down on the regular pasta. i will definitely be making this dish again. and if you haven't made it yet, do so!


Josey Willow said...

Ohh this looks good! Avocado + pasta is a surprisingly fantastic call! Yay V'con!

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